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  My friend Vivi is a lively and smart girl,she has long black hair and she is a tallest girl in our class.She is warm-hearted and good- looking so that everyone loves her.I'm so glad to make friend with her.I'm out-going too,so we have been good friends for long time.But sometimes I like quiet but she doesn't.And her marks are not good as me.So,i suggested her that she should work-hard in her study so that we can go to the same university.

  This person is my best friend Vivi who i can tell everything to.Like my deeply feelings and thoughts.



  【篇二】我的好朋友 My Good Friend

  Li Hua is my good friend. We are classmates. He is tallest in our class. He is very kind and always ready to help others. We have many in common, so that we have many things to talk. For example, we both like playing basketball and we like the same basketball playerKobe. Besides, we both like cartoon very much. We always watch cartoon program together. At weekends, weplay basketball often. The more important, he studies hard.So do I. We can make progress together. He is a good friend.



  I have to admit that I am not good at making friends. It seems too complicated to me. My mother always tells me to be more outgoing and talkative, yet I tend to be quiet among crowds and not willing to talk first. For years, I’ve been waiting and waiting, waiting to be found by my friends. It seems a little ridiculous, isn't it?

  Yet, I am lucky. I have friends, valuable friends. They are so kind to reach me when I am alone, when I am not ready to get myself a friend. I feel grateful to them, for their kindness and passion, for the colors they bring into my life. Without them, it's impossible for me to be as happy as I am now. They prove to me that Ideserve to be loved and to be cared about.

  For me, friends are like sunshine.They are warm, warm enough to encourage me to walk out of my little dark shell. They are like gifts. I didn't ask for them, yet they come, with love and honesty. Holding the sunshine and gifts, I started to embrace the lovely and precious world, no more hesitation, no more fear. I can always feel friends standing beside me during the journey of life.

  【篇四】My new friend

  In this chapter of the novel,Jane met her new friend-Helen.What Helen said really impressed me a lot,driving me think deeply.

  “Life is too short to hate other people.We all have faults,but when we die,only the pure flame of the spirt will be left.That's why I never think of revenge,I never consider life unfair.I live in calm,looking forward to the end."

  Honesly speaking,I complained about my life or people around me now and again,wodering why it was always unfair to me.However,think it over,I should't have been so mean.Time flies.We need to expand the width of life instead of wasting time to think about something meaningless.

  【篇五】我的好朋友My Good Friend

  Huang yixuan is my best friend. She is lovely. She is as tall as me. She has a black long hair. Her round face is always red, just like an apple. She likes smile. She like study, but doesn't like sports. She enjoys fishing. Sometimes she will ask me to go with her and her dad to fishing.Her favorite color is blue. So do I. she is good at playing piano. She is a perfect girl in my mind.


  【篇六】My friend and I

  My name is Li BaoLing . I have a good friend . Her name is Chen ZiQing . I am 13 years old . She is as old as me. I am 155cm tall. She is 150cm tall . She is 5cm shorter than me . I am 36kg . She is 37kg . She is heavier than me .She often does homework with me .We always help each other. I am happy to have a good firend .

  Yi Jianlian

  Yi Jianlian ,a famous basketball player, is from Guangdong, China. He was born on October 27th.1987. He is 2.12 meters tall. This handsome boy became a college student in 2003.He was chosen to play for the National Basketball Team in January, 2004. This young man is the second Chinese player in NBA after Yao Ming. In his spare time, he likes listening to pop music and playing computer games. Now he is trying his best to learn English well.


  Hello !My name is Mike/Amy .good fried is Han Meimei .She is fourteen years old .She has asmall family .There are three people in har family .She like black and white .Her favourite food is eggs.She like playing basketball .We go to school together every day .This is my fried .do you like her.

  【篇八】我的笔友My Pen Pal

  Maria is my pen pal. She is 12 years old. She has a round face, blue eyes and short hair. She is fromCanada. She lives in the downtown ofOttawa. She can speak English and French. Chinese is her favorite subject, because she is interested in the Chinese culture. Besides, movie is her favorite and she likes going to see the movies with her friends.



  I have a partner, his name is Li Ming, I knew him when I was seven years old. He lives near my house, so we play together all the time, we become very good friends. We go to the same school and join the basketball team, we cooperate so well when we are playing the basketball match. As we know each other so well, we can read each other’s thoughts quickly, that’s why we can cooperate so well in the match. I am so lucky that I have a good partner in my life, we promise to be friends forever, even though we will have argument sometimes, we fix it soon and forget about the unhappiness.


  【篇十】我的网友My Net Friend

  My name is Blair. My father bought a computer for me last year. I learned to search the Internet. I made a net friend on the Internet. Her name is Jessie. She lives in Guangzhou. We often talk to each other and we have many things in common. She introduces Guangzhou to me.She likes Guangzhou very much.